Update Information

  • How to change Members Area password

    If you would like to change your Members Area password, please take the following steps:

    1. Send an email to help@sig-is.org requesting a new password.

    2. The helpdesk will assign a new password and send it to you within 1 business day.

  • How to change or correct an Organization's Legal Name

    The Organization's Legal name is the same Legal name that appears on the Federal Tax Identification documents for the Member’s Corporation, LLC, Sub-Chapter S and/or Sole Proprietorship. This is known as your Organization's Legal name.

    The Member name with SIGIS must be the company’s Organization's Legal name. A Legal Organization may "Do Business As" (DBA) other company or trade names. A Member should not enroll each DBA as a separate Member in SIGIS.  A single membership is all that is required.

    To correct or change the Organization's Legal name to correctly reflect the company’s legal corporate name, an amendment to the Membership Agreement must be made. To change the Organization’s Legal Name the follow the steps below:

    1. Visit SIGIS website.
    2. Enter the username and password.
    3. Under the Company Information section of the My Account page click the Edit link.
    4. Update the Legal Name and click Update Company.
    5. Complete and sign the Legal Agreement section and click Update Company.

    The Organization’s Legal Name can only be updated by the primary contact on the account. For questions or additional steps please contact the SIGIS Help Desk at 925-855-3228 or help@sig-is.org.

  • How to change the address of Primary/Legal Organization

    If the physical location of your Primary Organization has changed, follow the steps below:

    1. Visit SIGIS website.
    2. Enter username and password.
    3. Under the Company Information section of the My Account page, click the Edit link.
    4. Update the address and click Update Company.

    NOTE: The company address can only be updated by the Primary contact on the account. In addition, the address may need to be updated on your 90% registration or certification forms as well. For questions or additional steps please contact the SIGIS Help Desk at 925-855-3228 or help@sig-is.org.

  • Transfer of ownership of a Primary Organization

    Membership can only be transferred as a result of a business being sold from one company to another.  In most cases, it is recommended the new owner open a membership for themselves.  In some cases membership may be transferred following the instructions below.  Contact the SIGIS Help Desk to discuss the options.

    Each party of the business transaction (Seller and Buyer) is responsible for implementing steps to complete the transfer of Membership in SIGIS.

    Each party, the Buyer and the Seller, must sign the attached Transfer of Ownership form and then scan and email to the SIGIS Help Desk at help@sig-is.org  or fax the form to (925) 855-3229.

    Please also include letter of instruction for removing any contacts from the account, i.e., seller, and additional contacts.

  • How to change contact information of a Primary Organization

    To change existing contact information on a SIGIS Membership, a Member must send an email to the SIGIS Help Desk at help@sig-is.org with the following information stated in the body of the email:

    1. Organization's Legal Name
    2. Current Primary Contact's Name
    3. Current Primary Contact's Email Address
    4. Information that needs to be added or updated

    Requests to change contact information will be processed within 2 business days of receipt of email.

  • Add an additional Membership contact

    To add an additional contact to a SIGIS Membership, the Primary Contact may follow the steps below:

    1. Visit SIGIS website.
    2. Enter username and password.
    3. In the Contacts section click Add New Contact.
    4. Enter the contact’s information.

    NOTE: If five or more contacts are already active on your account the additional contacts will need to be added by the SIGIS Help Desk.

    Five or more contacts:

    The primary contact will need to send an email to help@sig-is.org requesting to add the new contact and provide the following information for the new contact:

    1. Organization Name
    2. Name
    3. Title
    4. Address
    5. Phone Number(s)
    6. Email

    The SIGIS Members Area login information will be sent via email to the new contact. (Please remember to check your spam filter; the email will come from help@sig-is.org).

    This login information enables access to the SIGIS Member Area on the SIGIS website. This login information can also be used to access the Eligible Product List, which can be accessed within the SIGIS Member Area.

  • Add affiliates to an existing Membership

    To add Affiliates to a company’s Membership, please update the Membership information on the SIGIS website by:

    1. Go to the SIGIS website.

    2. Click the “Members Area” link and login.

    3. Click the “Certification & 90% Registration Forms” box on right hand side of page, a new window will open, select the “Add Affiliate” button on the top of the page.

    4. Complete the required information and click the “Save” button.

    A SIGIS Member may add as many Affiliates that are associated with the Primary/Legal Organization. If your company needs multiple roles (merchant, POS vendor, Acquirer, etc.) you can set those up by making the appropriate selection during setup.  You will receive an email approving the request, if declined an explanation will be provided.

    Please note that names displayed on the IIAS Merchant List are based on the DBA(s) listed on the approved certification form.

    If a company has DBAs and also does business under the Organization's Legal Name, the Organization's Legal Name must also be listed as a DBA on the Certification form. This will allow for the Organization's Legal Name to be listed as a SIGIS IIAS Certified merchant.

  • How can a merchant combine 90% Registrations/Certifications under one membership?

    Some members may have multiple memberships which qualify for combination to a single membership.  Please contact the Help Desk to confirm eligibility, and to determine the best steps to take to combine memberships. Contact the Help Desk at 925-855-3228 or help@sig-is.org.

  • As a TPS, How do I update the TPS Merchant Certification contact email address?

    A TPS may update the contact email address for a certification in any status without changing other information on the form.  To do so, please follow these steps.

    1. Log in to the Members Area
    2. Select the “Certification & 90% Registration Forms box” on the right hand side of the page  a new window will open.
    3. Click on the “TPS Self Assessment” Tab
    4. Click on the “Online Form” link next to the certification you wish to update
    5. Scroll down to the “TPS Contact Email”, make the appropriate change and click the “Save Email” button.

    All new TPS Merchant approval requests will be routed to the new email address.

  • How can a TPS update an approved Certification that has approved merchants?

    TPS’s that wish to update a certification that has approved merchants should contact SIGIS at help@sig-is.org.  The TPS will be asked to complete the “TPS Change Questionnaire” document.  Upon review, the TPS will instructed on required steps.  In some cases a simplified process may be available so as to not impact the approved merchants. Each situation will be evaluated based on the info provided in the TPS Change Questionnaire document.