Eligible Products

  • Access the Eligible Product List

    To access the Eligible Products List, Members must obtain a SIGIS Members Area login.

    To retrieve SIGIS Members Area login information, go to SIGIS Home.  Click "LOG IN" located in the Member Login box. Enter your User Name and click Submit. Your Password will be sent to your active email address within 15-20 minutes. Please make sure you double check your spam box. If you do not know your User Name Click “Submit” and enter your company information on the following form.

    Once you have a SIGIS Members Area login, you can download the Eligible Products List from the Members Area, as follows:

    1. Go to the SIGIS website.
    2. Click on the Members Login Link and enter your Members Area login information. 
    3. Click on the “Eligible Products List” box on the right hand side of the page.

  • Does SIGIS assist members in determining which items are Section 213(d) eligible medical expenses?

    Yes. SIGIS publishes an Eligible Product List for participating merchants to use as the basis to identify items in their inventory. Access to the Eligible Product List is available upon SIGIS membership approval. The Eligible Product List also enables plan administrators and third-party plan administrators (TPAs) to rely upon a more consistent identification of eligible medical items.

  • How often is the product list updated?

    The SIGIS Eligible Product List is updated monthly. Updates are generally available for download and use by the 15th day of each month.

  • How is the Eligible Product List developed?

    SIGIS contracts with a company experienced in list management and development to oversee the list. Additionally, a SIGIS committee of plan administrators, merchants, and other SIGIS members reviews the list each month, including proposed product additions and deletions to ensure adherence with IRS requirements.

  • Is it required that merchants download the SIGIS product list?

    One of the critical issues in supporting an IIAS solution for employer benefit plans and the third-party plan administrators (TPAs) that support these programs, is assurance that the items being approved through an IIAS solution meet the health care eligibility standards established by the IRS as defined in IRS Code Section 213(d) rules. As described above, SIGIS provides a standardized list of eligible health care-related items. While the IRS does not mandate the use of the SIGIS list, merchants supporting a SIGIS IIAS solution must use the SIGIS Eligible Product List for nationally-branded items. In addition, merchants may also flag private label and local market items as defined in the SIGIS Private Label Eligibility Criteria standards.

    In some point-of-sale solutions, the third-party servicers may assist with loading the monthly updates to the merchants POS system.

  • Why are some items that Members have identified as health care not on the list?

    The source of the SIGIS Eligible Product List includes most nationally-distributed, regular-stock items. As such, the following types of items will generally not be included: items specially created for an individual merchant (including but not limited to private label items); a local, regional, or specialty item; bonus items (e.g., 2 ounces free); BOGOS (buy one, get one), or other in-and-out types of packaging with limited availability or distribution. Although these items will not be included in the data, they may in fact be eligible.

    Private label/store brands will generally not be available for inclusion on the standard list produced by SIGIS. It is understood that some of these private label/store brand items are, in fact, eligible under IRS Code Section 213(d), and therefore, can be processed through the SIGIS IIAS. Merchants that choose to supplement their inventory of SIGIS identified eligible items with their own private label items are free to do so by following the process detailed in the Private Label Eligibility Criteria document. That document can be found at SIGIS Home.

    Additionally, dual-purpose items are not included as part of the standard list. These products may have both a medical purpose and a personal/cosmetic or general health purpose. Merchants are not permitted to identify dual-purpose items as eligible items in their IIAS solution. Examples of dual use items that would not be included:

    • Baby Formulas/Nutritionals
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Vitamins (except prenatal vitamins)

    FSA/HRA cardholders that have a doctor's order for dual-purpose items may submit their sales receipt along with the additional information required by their plan administrator and receive a manual reimbursement. The IRS has specific categories that are designated as eligible medical expenses and those that are not. Merchants should not make assumptions that “health care” products are IIAS-eligible. Merchants will find the Eligible Products Criteria document to be helpful in understanding the categories of eligible, non-eligible and dual-purpose items. The current Eligible Products Criteria document may be found on the SIGIS website.

  • Submitting a Product for the Eligible Product List

    When submitting a product(s) to add to the Eligible Product List, it is recommended that you first read the Eligibility Criteria located on the SIGIS website. Please access this information via the following link: Eligibility Criteria

    Also, for more information on Private Label Eligibility Criteria, please access the following link: Private Label Eligibility Criteria There are two options for submitting Eligible Product List items additions and deletions:

    1. Submit items via an online form. This process is great for submitting up to 25 items. For this process:
      • Log into the Members Area of the SIGIS website
      • Click on the “Eligible Product List” box on the right hand side of the page, a new window will open
      • Click on the "Data > Submit - Upload" menu tab.
      • Click on the "Manual Entry" tab. Enter the item level information.
      • Click on the "Verify Items" button.
      • Correct any errors.
      • Click on the “Upload Valid Items” to complete.
    2. Members may submit the Excel form via website upload. This process is designed for submitting large lists of items.
      • Fill out the Eligible Product List Excel form (please make sure to use the latest version). Link to form: Missing Product Form.
      • Log into the Members Area of the SIGIS website.
      • Click on the “Eligible Product List” box on the right hand side of the page, a new window will open.
      • Click on the "Data > Submit - Upload" menu tab.
      • Click on the "Excel Upload" tab.
      • Browse for Excel file to be loaded.
      • Click on "Upload" button.
      • Review the information for errors, correct as required in spreadsheet.
      • Repeat upload process.
      • Click on the "Submit List" button to complete.

    If you have any questions please send an email to the SIGIS Help Desk at help@sig-is.org.