Network Certification

  • Are Networks required to be SIGIS certified?

    Networks are only required to be SIGIS certified if they wish to use the SIGIS standards for IIAS and 90% transaction processing to support FSA / HRA cards for SIGIS certified merchants.  Networks that are not SIGIS certified, that process FSA / HRA card transactions across their network will see high card declines as the issuer / plan administrator will not have the required information to approve the transaction per IRS regulations for support an IIAS or 90% system.

  • Are the certification requirements different for PIN Networks than for Signature Networks?

    No, the certification requirements are the same for both network types.  For those organizations that support a PIN network and a signature network, a separate certification must be completed for each network type. 

    NOTE: The certification process for both network types is the same; however there may be a difference in the standards requirements. Click here to view the IIAS Transaction Specification.