Acquirers & Processors

Acquirers and merchant processors offer important services to their merchant clients by their participation in SIGIS. Any acquirer or merchant processor using the SIGIS Technical Specification to process IIAS transactions is required to be a SIGIS member. Additionally, acquirers and merchant processors play an integral role in certifying their client merchants as meeting IIAS requirements. Merchants must be a customer of a SIGIS member acquirer or merchant processor to join and use the SIGIS standard; as such it is important to acquirers and merchant processors to be SIGIS members to support their merchant customers.

Membership in SIGIS offers acquirers and merchant processors access to the following programs:

  • SIGIS IIAS Transaction Processing and Data Retention Technical Specification – the SIGIS Specification outlines the requirements needed for merchants, acquirers, processors, card issuers and plan administrators to support an IIAS.
  • IIAS Certification – a process which enables merchants to certify that they meet the requirements to operate an IIAS. There are two types of merchant IIAS certification:
    • Merchants that operate their own inventory and cash register/point-of-sale software certify directly by completing the SIGIS IIAS Merchant Questionnaire and completing a technical certification with their acquirer. See IIAS Merchant Certification for more information.
    • Merchants that have contracted with a POS Vendor/Third-Party Servicer (TPS) may use a simplified online registration if their POS Vendor/TPS has completed SIGIS IIAS certification. See TPS Merchant Certification for information and a list of SIGIS-certified TPS.
  • IIAS Certification for POS Vendors/TPSs – POS vendors/third-party servicers (TPS) may certify the inventory and cash register/point-of-sale software services that they offer to client merchants as meeting IIAS requirements. SIGIS has developed a special IIAS questionnaire to support the requirements of TPSs. Once a TPS is IIAS-certified, its client merchants may use a simplified online IIAS certification approach. See Third-Party Servicer (TPS) Certification for more information.
  • 90% Rule Merchant Attestation – For drug stores and pharmacies that primarily sell prescriptions and eligible medical items, the IRS permits plan administrators to approve FSA/HRA card transactions without the drug store/pharmacy having an IIAS. SIGIS has developed a registration program for eligible drug stores and pharmacies to register as 90% Rule Merchants. See 90% Rule Merchant Attestation for more information.
  • Education – Receive SIGIS communications on important issues that impact regulations, card usage and approvals.
  • Help Desk – Ability to contact the SIGIS Help Desk as an educational resource for card acceptance issues.