Becoming a Member

Companies interested in becoming a SIGIS Member are encouraged to review the SIGIS governance documents listed below. A brief description of each document is provided, as well as a link to download the document. Prospective members are strongly encouraged to have the legal counsel for your company/organization review these documents. In submitting a membership application using the automated process, your company/organization agrees to be bound by the terms in these documents.

For information about the different types of Membership options, including the rights, responsibilities and fees, visit the Description of Membership Tiers and Fees section.

Special Notes:

  • Per IRS regulations, there are several types of Health Care merchants that are NOT required to have an IIAS system or 90% rule exemption.  This includes doctor’s offices, chiropractors, dentists, medical labs, vision centers and others because the services they offer are strictly health care related.  SIGIS services do not support dependent care FSA accounts, if you are a daycare provider, do NOT join SIGIS. These businesses only need to ensure they have the proper Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned to their business and transmitted in the card authorization request.  SIGIS membership will not assist these merchants.  If one of these merchants is experiencing card declines on FSA/HRA cards, they should work with their acquirer to resolve.  For more information on who should be a SIGIS member, please follow this link.
  • State Agencies that have specific contractual requirements may be eligible for our "Licensing Agreement". If after reviewing our membership agreement, you have contractual issues, please contact the SIGIS Help Desk to request information about our Licensing Agreement. This option is only available for State Agencies.

It is easy to join SIGIS. There is an online Membership Application available. Review the information in the Online Instructions section to get the information that you’ll need when completing the online application.


Online Membership Application

Membership Documents

There are a number of important SIGIS governance documents for prospective SIGIS Members to review. These documents are highlighted below.

Name of Governance Document Description of Document

Membership Agreement 

The agreement that governs a Member’s participation in SIGIS, including rights and responsibilities of Members. During completion of the online Membership Application, the Member is asked to indicate their agreement with the terms of the SIGIS Membership Agreement.


The Bylaws of the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards, Inc.

IPR Policy

This document that defines the intellectual property rights (IPR) policies of SIGIS that apply to all SIGIS services, programs and Members’ use of such services and programs.

License Exception Procedures

This document describes the procedures to be taken by the SIGIS Board when a Necessary Claims Notification has been submitted, as provided for in the SIGIS IPR Policy.

SIGIS Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation filed when SIGIS was formed.

SIGIS Service Mark Usage Guidelines

The guidelines for use of the SIGIS service mark.

Certification Procedures

This document outlines the procedures for IIAS certification.

Certification Compliance Enforcement

This document described the procedures used by SIGIS when a potential compliance issue is reported.