Membership in SIGIS offers merchants access to the following programs:

  • IIAS Certification – SIGIS has established the procedures which enable merchants to certify that they meet the requirements to operate an IIAS. There are two types of merchant IIAS certification:
    • Merchants that operate their own inventory and cash register/point-of-sale software certify directly by completing the SIGIS IIAS Merchant Questionnaire and completing a technical certification with their acquirer. See IIAS Merchant Certification for more information.
    • Merchants that have contracted with a POS vendor/third-party servicer (TPS) may use a simplified online registration if their POS vendor/TPS has completed SIGIS IIAS certification. See Third-Party Servicer (TPS) Certification for information and a list of SIGIS-certified TPS.
  • 90% Rule Merchant Attestation – For drug stores and pharmacies that primarily sell prescriptions and eligible medical items, the IRS permits plan administrators to approve FSA/HRA card transactions without the merchant having an IIAS. SIGIS has developed a registration program for drug stores and pharmacies to register as 90% Rule Merchants. See 90% Rule Merchant Attestation for more information.
  • SIGIS IIAS Transaction Processing and Data Retention Technical Specification – the SIGIS Specification outlines the requirements needed for merchants, acquirers, processors, card issuers and plan administrators to support an IIAS.
  • SIGIS Eligible Product List – the SIGIS List contains the products to be flagged in a merchant’s inventory as eligible medical items, taking the guess work out of what to flag. See the Eligible Product List Criteria publication for more information.
  • Education – Receive SIGIS communications on important issues that impact regulations, card usage and approvals.
  • Help Desk – Ability to contact the SIGIS Help Desk as an educational resource for merchant issues.

Is a merchant required to support an IIAS to accept FSA/HRA cards?

No. A merchant is not required to implement an IIAS; however, FSA/HRA card issuers will not be able to approve FSA/HRA card transactions when a merchant does not support an IIAS. If you are a merchant and choose not to implement an IIAS, you do not need take additional steps. Merchants that are pharmacies/drug stores and primarily sell prescriptions and medical items may qualify under the IRS rules as a “90% Rule” merchant. See the 90% Rule Merchant Attestation for more information.

Merchants have the option to not become a Member of SIGIS by establishing their own IIAS standards or 90% Rule Exemption and working with third-party plan administrators individually.

With the IIAS Certification developed by SIGIS, a non-profit standards organization, a broad range of participating merchants have been able to implement a solution that is recognized industry-wide, which enables acceptance of most FSA/HRA payment cards. Likewise, third-party plan administrators have implemented a common set of procedures that are applied to IIAS transactions at participating merchants.