Getting an IIAS Merchant Control Number

After a merchant completes IIAS certification, SIGIS notifies the merchant, its acquirer and payment card networks (MasterCard and Visa). Upon receipt of the IIAS certification confirmation, the acquirer may request each payment card network to assign an IIAS merchant control number. This number must be included in payment card authorization request messages in addition to the IIAS data fields provided by merchant/acquirer.

For MasterCard, the merchant control number is called a MasterCard ID (MCID).

For Visa, the merchant control number is called a Merchant Verification Value (MVV).

Important Notice: SIGIS does not assign the MCID or MVV. The assignment of the MCID or MVV can only be done by the respective payment card network, after the card network receives the request from the merchant’s acquirer.

Inquiries submitted to SIGIS about the assignment of the merchant control number will only delay the merchant’s inquiry to its acquiring processor.