Third-Party Servicer (TPS) Certification

A third-party servicer or TPS is a company that provides point-of-sale processing services to medium-size and smaller merchants. The key requirement for a company to qualify as a TPS whose merchants may take advantage of streamlined certification is that the TPS provides and operates all of the following services/systems on behalf of its merchant clients:

  • Inventory management
  • Cash register/POS transaction processing
  • Payment card processing

A TPS may be a merchant, a POS software vendor, or a company that provides third-party services to merchants that sells prescription/Rx and over-the-counter qualified health care products.

The TPS must have an established relationship with an acquiring processor for purposes of certifying the POS and payment card processing. If the TPS's software allows the merchant to make changes that will affect IIAS processing after the software is installed, its merchant clients who use that software will not be able to use streamlined certification. In those cases, the merchant may certify using the standard SIGIS IIAS Merchant Self-Assessment form..

Once the TPS is IIAS certified with SIGIS, merchants that use a certified-TPS solution version and acquirer, and are a SIGIS Member, can certify with SIGIS by completing a simplified, TPS Merchant certification form. The TPS Merchant Certification form is located in the SIGIS Members area. Thus, IIAS certification by the TPS provides a service to its client merchants by enabling them to utilize a simplified online certification.