SIGIS Member Networks

Card Networks offer important services to Acquirers and their merchant clients by their participation in SIGIS. Any network that uses the SIGIS Technical Specification to authorize IIAS transactions is required to be a SIGIS member and to seek certification.

Below is a list of certified payment card networks that support the SIGIS Technical Specification to process IIAS transactions. The list will display both signature and PIN debit networks that have applied for SIGIS certification.
 Network Name  Network Type Company Contact  IIAS Certification Status Original Certification Date Vision Support Certification Status
Anticipated Vision Support Date 
PIN Debit
Ken Brown
Certified 06/07/13  
ACCEL Signature Ken Brown Certified 05/18/15  
Debit MasterCard/Maestro
PIN Debit
Kim Kaczmarek
Certified 02/15/13
Certified 02/22/19
MasterCard Signature Kim Kaczmarek
Certified 06/06/12
Certified 02/22/19
NYCE Payments Network PIN Debit Theresa Lawson Certified 03/19/13    
STAR Network
PIN Debit
Stephanie Pike
Certified 02/28/13

Visa Interlink
PIN Debit Jim Meduna Certified
11/14/12 Certified 06/28/18
Visa Signature/PIN Signature Jim Meduna Certified 05/08/12 Certified