Issuer Processors

  • Are Issuer Processors required to be SIGIS certified?

    Issuer Processors are only required to be SIGIS certified if they wish to use the SIGIS standards for IIAS and 90% transaction processing to support FSA / HRA cards for SIGIS certified merchants.  Issuer Processors that are not SIGIS certified, will not be able to process FSA / HRA card transactions using the SIGIS IIAS or 90% standards.

  • How does an Issuer Processor seek certification?

    SIGIS requires any Issuer Processor that uses and supports the SIGIS Technical Specification to process IIAS transactions to become IIAS certified.

    Below are the steps to obtain, complete and submit an Issuer Processor certification.

    1. Click the Login and enter login information.
    2. Click the Access IIAS Forms link on the right hand side of the page.
    3. A new window will open, select the Issuer Processor tab.
    4. Complete the form and submit.

  • How do FSA/HRA card issuers know which merchants have registered under the 90% Rule with SIGIS?

    SIGIS will publish a list of SIGIS Members that have registered as 90% Rule merchants. Additionally, SIGIS will publish the acquirer IDs and Card Acceptor IDs of these merchants each week. Issuers and issuer processors that elect to participate in the 90% Rule should use the 90% Rule SFTP Report. The issuer processor should use the MasterCard ICA, Visa BIN, Maestro ICA, Visa Interlink ID, STAR ABA, NYCE ID, ACCEL ID, PULSE ID, CAID and MCC code in the authorization process to determine if it is a 90% Rule merchant. Other fields should not be used, as doing so may cause unnecessary declines. The public 90% Rule report should be used as an informational guide when working with merchants. Issuer and issuer processors must be a SIGIS Member to download the list.